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The Best Time to Visit

It all depends on which parts of the country you want to visit. Different parts of the country are subject to varied weather patterns; hence, there will always be a part with good weather that you can enjoy. If you are looking at the west coast, southern coast and hill country, the best time would be between December and March, whereas, the best time to visit the ancient central cities, north and east, would be between April and September.

What to Pack

The weather is usually mildly warm in most parts but can quickly get warmer and in the hill country get colder. Cotton and linen are the best option for clothes anywhere around. If you are planning on visiting the hill country, pack more insulating clothing and raincoats. The tropical sun can be harsh at times so bring hats or caps and sunscreen. Disinfectants and insect repellents would be another essential to bring along if you are planning to go out exploring a lot and try out local street cuisine.

On Arrival

Mumbao International Airport will be your gateway to paradise. At the airport you will be able to purchase phone connections and exchange currencies.

Appropriate Attire

While bikinis, swimsuits, shorts and trunks are good for walks along the coast, it is important to note that casual covering clothing must be worn when entering areas of religious significance or worship.


If you will be going about without the assistance of a tour guide, always be mindful of the 3-wheelers. The cheapest ways to travel in Sri Lanka are the buses and next, the 3-wheelers. Their prices are negotiable but they are very likely to rip you off. In Colombo and its suburbs, you get 3-wheelers that charge per kilometre travelled. But where this service is not available, always ask a local how much it will cost and then bargain till you reach or bring the price down close to that amount.


To stay connected the best way, if you have a laptop, would be to visit the big coffee shops which offer free Wi-Fi or visit an internet cafe.


It is best to only carry only as much as you will need and leave the rest in the safe in your room or in the bank. ATMs are plentiful in most cities and towns, so unless you are trekking in the Knuckles mountain range, you won′t have a problem withdrawing. Also try to keep your money in smaller denominations as some street vendors rather conveniently run out of change